Things I've Done

I am not actively looking for a job, but you are still welcome to look at my curriculum vitæ, in Postscript, PDF or HTML formats.

In this page you can also find some of the things I have done which are publicly available.


Some of my research papers and technical reports are freely available online (for the full list of my papers, see my CV above, or my homepage at Google Scholar):

Free Software

During the years (I've been programming since 1985) I've created some free software that I shared with the rest of the world. None of it was of earth-shattering importance, but I like to think that it did help several other people besides myself.


These are just some of my musings about some of the (mostly computer-related) issues I care about:

Web Pages

Web page creation was never my main job. However, I have created quite a few web pages, mainly as a hobby, and rarely for money. Here is a list of some of the more important web pages I've created:


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Nadav Har'El