The Animal Farm

The Har'El family pets

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." - George Orwell, The Animal Farm (1945)


I am an eight year old female Toy Poodle (born 12/93). I am a tiny, apricot-colored dog, with a lot of spunk.

My favorite hobby is playing with balls: balls of any shape or size are welcome! On my left you can see a picture of me with my favorite ball - what used to be a small basketball mockup until I torn it to pieces (by now I've graduated to tennis balls). I also love to bark, especially at strange cats, so please keep your cats away from this page!


I am a two year old female Yorkshire Terrier (born 10/99). I am a usually very gentle, though I am sometimes pretty mean to cats (especially to my friend Jinjit).

Another hobby of mine is chewing rawhide "bones" - especially if I can get into a good fight with Poodie over one! By the way, in the picture on the left I'm still a puppy and have short hair. But by now, my hair is much longer (my Hebrew name means "silk") and I look like a "proper" Yorkie.


As you can see, I'm not exactly a dog, although other than my "miew" voice I sure act like one. I don't exactly belong to the Har'Els, either. I'm a female cat of unknown age and have "adopted" the Har'Els and their neighbors, because of the food and entertainment they supply me. I also hang around the Har'Els because Poodie is my very best friend.

A few years ago I had five really cute kittens (take a look). One of them is my daughter Jinjit, which still lives with me (as you can see below).


As Mitsi already said, I'm her daughter. Unlike most cats that run away from home, I decided to stick around my mom, and with the Har'Els which give us both shelter, food, and love. My name comes from my orange color (just like the English "ginger" is used for red-haired people).

I'm a very gentle cat, which loves to be petted and loves human attention. I'm so used to human company that I no longer want to run around the neighborhood anymore (besides, did you see the huge dogs out there?), and as a result I've grown quite fat, and much bigger than my mom. I think I'll blaim it on the obesity genes I inherited from my dad - nobody really knows who he is...

"I know I'll never lose affection for people and things that went before, I know I'll often stop and think about them." - Lennon & McCartney, In My Life (1965)


Daisy died on July 7th, 2003, around the age of four, from an infection. She was a Chinchilla, a rodent-like animal from the Andes, which is about the size of small rabbit, behaves more like a squirrel, and walks like a kangaroo. Her name originated from the duck-like sounds she sometimes made.

Daisy lived with Nadav, in a cage in his apartment, for over two and a half years. Her hobby was to destroy his stuff, specializing in jumping on his bookshelves (she could jump really high!), nibbling at his books, and nibbling on the wires sticking out of his computer. But Nadav still loved her, and she loved him back (as much as a rodent can show love).


Terry died on April 1st, 1999, approaching the age of fifteen, and is burried in a dog cemetery in Atlit. She was a female mixed Terrier, that had been born in the United States. She was mostly white, and quite big (not to say fat!), but we said she was beautiful. Have a look at her picture on the left, taken by her late owner, Gilead.

Her hobbies included sleeping, and (when she was younger) barking at cats.

Boaz Vaadia, "Nadav With Dog", 1988
Slate, BlueStone 14"x16.5"x11.5", Private Collection, New York

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