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Mitsi's five kittens, Apr 1 1999

The Story

Mitsi, a cat which we and our neighbors have raised between our doors, gave birth on February 11, 1999 to a litter of three cute kittens. Two of the kittens are black-gray-orange tabbies, like Mitsi herself, and the third is a orange-white tabby ("jinji", as we call it in Hebrew).
Several weeks later, our neighbors found two orphan gray kittens in a box in the street, which was obviously left there by humans. They brought these kittens to Mitsi, and after several days of suspicion, Mitsi happily "adopted" them, and started to breast-feed and groom them as if they were her own.

Let Me See Them!
Please click on the small pictures to see them bigger.

The two gray kittens. They look like Persian cats (not tabbies!) to me, but I'm not a cat expert. All five kittens in one plant pot! Most visible from this angle are Mitsi's three tabby kittens.

The two gray kittens playing around. Also visible on the side is Mitsi's orange kitten. Another view of the kittens in the pot.

Mitsi breastfeeding her three kittens, a few days after their birth. Mitsi and her three tabbies drinking milk.

How do I Adopt?
If you wish to adopt one of these kittens, and give it a loving home, please email me or call me. Unfortunately, because of my father's allergy to cats (how ironic), I am not able to put cats into my car, so the adopters will have to pick up the kittens themselves.
Please consider adopting a kitten! We will not be able to keep them all, and they don't want to become street cats...

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